lumine AI

AI-Powered Creativity

Welcome to our AI-powered playground, where artsy vibes, games, and other interactive experiences cross the singularity frontier!

Explore quirky projects fueled by AI magic and join us in this creative adventure that’s both playful and groundbreaking!

Highlighted AI App

(*currently in alpha testing)

Powered by Blockade Labs

‘instaVerse’ is an AI-powered 3D asset generator and visualizer that creates explorable worlds directly from text input.

Recent Posts

Playable AI Demos

Metaverse Explorer
(*experimental demo)
360° Interactive Story
(*experimental demo)
(*early experimental demo)

ilumine Ecosystem


‘ilumine AI’ is a brand that operates as a ‘playground’ for experimentation, prototyping, and even full-fledged development of a wide variety of applications dedicated entirely to the use of AI.

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